Our club membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December.
The current membership fees are valid for the membership year 2018.
Full Member £10.00 if paid Online, £12.00 if paid by Cheque

Additional Members, residing at the same address, can be added for an additional £5.00 each
£ 0.50 Windscreen Badge

Contact us for online payment options


membership form 2018 <--- To Print off a membership form click here

Or alternatively, we can help you join online, please email me at members @
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You can also look to join the Taunton Motoring Club Facebook page, and contact me through that.

Why join Taunton Motoring Club?
You will be able to compete (with the appropriate MSA Licence) on any ASWMC or WAMC Championship Events, any of the many events Taunton Motoring Club is invited to and of course Taunton Motoring Clubs own events.
We work along side other clubs in the organisation of events. In particular Burnham-on-Sea Motor Club in the promotion of Wildlife Autosport and Bristol MC, Burnham-on-Sea MC and Plymouth MC as Five Clubs. We help marshal on as many events as possible including the Lands End Trial (Motor Cycling Club), Rally GB, Somerset Stages and many more.
You do not need to own a fast car as most of our social members own normal road cars, these of course can not be used on all types of events, but for Social Events, Autotests, Autosolos, Scatters and even some Hillclimbs a normal Road car can be used.
If you are not able to drive yet then you can still join in. The Social side of the club will allow you to practice driving on privately owned land and you can always navigate on rallies of several types.
Perhaps you just want to meet people involved in and around cars? You can enjoy the social side, and there is no greater spectator place than a marshal’s post. Yes you do have to stay all day, sometimes in the rain, but for a little of your time, you will be involved in the sport closer than ever before.