AGM Allerford Inn

Just a reminder that the AGM is next thursday 12th April at the Allerford Inn. I think i managed to contact most through their mobiles or Email. But if I have’nt been able to make contact this is your call up. Meeting Starts at 8pm and is open to all club members. The awards for the Winter series will take place afterwards along with a FREE BUFFET. I would like to see as many club members as possible there. It gives you the club members your opportunity to have your say. we are lucky as a club that we are financially in a strong position. But we do need more volunteers to come on the committee. It means contributing a couple of hours once a month on the third Monday of the month. I know this is a request i put out every year BUT if we don’t increase committee numbers then your club could run out of organisors/adminstrators and then::: its a thought that doesn’t bear thinking about. You can become a committee member on the night of the AGM. Support the future of YOUR club.