Treasure Hunt season Is Here

Hi there folks. sorry for the delay in getting the info about the treasure hunts. due to some last minute committments the treasure hunt dates will be as follows 3rd November, 10th November, 24th November and the last one before Christmas will be on the 8th December. As usual the last one will be the free buffet for club members and the awards presentations from the summer field events. The start/ finish venue for the first treasure hunt will be the Lethbridge Arms. The route  is done some nice twisty little lanes to get the navigators on their toes and as usual plenty of questions to get the brain cells working too.
Route instructions available from 7pm. All the usual things needed
pen, pencil, clipboard, torch and most important of all entry fee of £5. All club members are welcome even if you’re not entering the treasure hunt. Spread the word.
As usual for any further information contact Tony Bonfield 07980 239730